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With ImageTouch, use the fabulous iPhone and iPodTouch capabilities to beautify your pictures, compose and send amazing graphic creations to your family and friends.

ImageTouch puts all your pictures at your fingertips, thanks to its incredible multi-touch support: all operations support one or more fingers. You will easily create and send collages thanks to the many features of the application :

- add pictures from your iPhone or iPodTouch photo library

- resize, move, rotate one picture or more at a time

- bring each picture forward / backward with a double tap

- add a frame or a shadow to any picture with a long tap on the picture (tap the picture and don't release : a drawer will appear after a brief time). Same operation to delete a picture

- change background color with a long tap on the background

- customize your composition and add decorations within a set of 15 stamps

- send E-Mails with Hi-Rez photos of your collage

- export to the iPhone or iPodTouch photo library

- add and filter with tags, dates and locations to easily find your compositions (for instance to sort compositions by holiday place)

- locate your composition on Google Map

- special tab ('More') provides with Infos, Tutorial, and latest news about ImageTouch

- contextual advises help you discover all features (you can turn it on and off in the Settings)

- hide navigation bars just shaking the device

Release Description :

Version 2.0, Released December 8th 2008

  • Optimisations : More responsive application
  • New Home screen
  • Direct E-Mail sending (640 x 960 pixels resolution) to any mailbox
  • Decorations : moving decorations + sorted by type
  • Hiding of navigation bars by shaking the device
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